Why Study & Play Sports in the U.S?

by | 28/04/2020

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“Why NOT study and train in the United States, if an opportunity arises?” might be a better question!

Many international athletes don’t realize that the opportunity to secure a sports scholarship at an American university is real and available to many with a bit of sports talent and an unwavering willingness to work hard.

There’s a whole bunch of reasons why studying abroad is a great idea, especially if you’re sports skills can help pay for it. But instead of listing them all, we decided on our Top 2.

So, here are our Top 2 reasons why international student-athletes should strongly consider pursuing their post-secondary school education & sport in the United States:

Reason 1: A diploma is still important in today’s world

Yes. A piece of paper matters. Academically, that piece of paper is called a diploma. You can also obtain an education through life experiences outside of school, but a diploma is an advantageous starting point. (Yes, I know Jobs, Gates, and Zuck all dropped out of school).

In all realness, graduating from institutions like Stanford, Harvard, or MIT is like having a magic key. A key that in today’s world still opens many new doors, that once were forever closed. Except if you study something like underwater-basket weaving, then no key for you.

Though you may not have the academic muscle to be admitted into an Ivy league school, a degree from hundreds of other great universities will also create some amazing career options for you in the future. And trust me, it’s always good to have options to choose from in the future!

Reason 2: No other country balances sports and academics like the United States of America

American collegiate athletics has been successfully progressing for more than 150 years. That’s a long time to grow in excellence. Since the first intercollegiate competition in a rowing race between Harvard and Yale in 1852, the collegiate system has evolved into where it is today. A balance of academics and sports at the absolute highest level.

Quite honestly, American collegiate athletics cannot be compared to any other sports-academics system in the world. Not because of their elite level of Division I sports, or even the wide-range of collegiate sports for which scholarships are offered. They are simply the best at navigating a balance between academics and sports, while at the same time, providing the student-athletes an environment for success. This offers students the opportunity to prolong their sports career, without having to choose between a post-secondary school education and their passion to play.



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