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by | 27/04/2020

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Our mission    

At RekrutMe, our goal is to make recruiting international student-athletes simple.

My background

As far back as I can remember, as a kid I could never sit still for very long. All my earliest memories in Czechoslovakia and Canada involve me playing some kind of sport. When I wasn’t running around in the woods or on a track, I was usually rolling around on a mat, in the sand or in the mud. Sports became a constant in every chapter of my life including the present.

One of those chapters involved me trying to balance graduating high school with decent grades, preparing for the upcoming athletics season, and searching for a coach, a university, and a scholarship.

The recruiting process was much more time-consuming than I had imagined and confused me more than I’d like to admit. After spending hundreds of hours of laboring through the recruiting journey, I was accepted to Kansas State University on a sports scholarship.

I made it, but I was damn sure there had to be an easier way.

Our founding

While coaching, I helped various athletes who aspired to pursue a college scholarship. I found that no matter who it was or what sport they did, they always came up against 3 main complications:

  1. How do I know what coaches will have an interest in me?
  2. How do I contact coaches and universities?
  3. How do I secure a scholarship?

In 2012, Rekrut Me was founded with a mission to simplify the recruiting process by helping solve those three issues.

Our method

Coaches are looking for an athlete that matches their exact set of criteria, academically and athletically, as well as, an individual who fits into their team philosophy. We help provide that match.

Students are looking to connect with a coach and university where they can pursue a diploma, improve as an athlete, and grow as an individual. We help provide that connection.


  1. You are providing a much needed service. The transition from high school to college or university is daunting enough, but adding finding the right fit academically and athletically, much too great a challenge for a student and their family on their own. can not only offer direction to available sources but guide them through the complex and confusing process of suitability and eventual choice. I simply can’t imagine the volume of information and subsequent analysis one has to face, especially internationally, and possibly with language challenges. A professional service, can simplify, advise and direct to options that are suitable, with the most potential for each individual. A must-have for every student and their family contemplating this challenge.

    • Thank you, Barbie! We couldn’t have said it any better!


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