Golden RUle: Academics First, Athletics Second

(2min read) Do you know why so many talented international student-athletes are interested in going to study and train in the United States? Is it to get a university degree without paying for it? More often than not, it’s because American collegiate athletics allow...

Being an Amateur Is a Good Thing

You heard me right. Keep being an amateur! One day it may help you secure a $100,000 worth education. In most places being called an amateur doesn’t point to something positive. Usually, it’s associated with not being very good at something. But when it comes to...

College Terms & Definitions Made Simple

A GOOD KIND OF CHEAT SHEET This is just as important as it sounds boring. I promise! These terms and definitions in some way are a whole language map to a new international student-athlete. They will help you navigate throughout the unexplored American academic...

3 Easy Steps to Calculate your GPA + Video

(2min read) Watch the video instead of reading! In the simplest terms, your GPA is your average grade. There are two main types of GPA’s that universities use for the admissions process: 1) Cumulative GPA (Average grade of...

The Complete Checklist for International High School Athletes

(4min read) With all the information out there about the recruiting process, how do you know what to concentrate on? Especially, since being an international high school athlete makes the recruiting process a bit more complicated. To reduce any guessing, we made a...



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Frequently Asked Questions

Profile Questions - Students

How do I maximize the number of university coaches I get matched with?

Make sure you profile is completely filled out. That includes your Personal and Academic info, Sports Results and Personal Evaluation. Coaches whose exact academic & sports criteria you have fulfilled, are immediately notified and show up in your Connections. Make sure to have up to date game and practice video in Multimedia page.

How often should I update my academic info?

SAT, ACT and TOEFL should be updated every time you improve the test results. You should update your GPA every time you receive a grade card update from your secondary school.

How often should I update my sports results and game video?

Keeping all your sports results up-to-date is very important. Don’t wait to update your profile with progresses and accomplishments, as well as, keeping update game video. Video is especially important for athletes of team sports.

Recruiting Questions - Coaches

How is RekrutMe different from other recruiting companies? (Coach)

We simplified the recruiting process by matching you directly with international student-athletes based on your exact academic & sports criteria.

How do I add my personal academic and sports requirements to my profile? (Coach)

Go to Profile –> Edit Profile –> Sports Criteria. Click the Grad Active checkbox to activate the graduating year and add in your academic and sports criteria.

When will you let me know a student has fulfilled my criteria? (Coach)

Immediately. Every time a student-athletes fulfills your criteria, you will be notified by email, as well as, the student showing up in your profiles Connections section.

I wanted to look at some of the athletes that you've got available for this next year. Where can I find prospective students on my profile?

You can find prospects through the Search section at the top right corner of the web, or in your Connections sections. Athletes that you will see in your connections list, are those that have fulfilled your specific requirements/criteria. You can update or change your criteria at any time, by going to your Profile –> Edit Profile –> Sports Criteria.

How often can I change my personal requierments for prospective student-athletes?

You can change your personal requierments as often as you like. Go to Profile –> Edit Profile –> Sports Criteria.

Recruiting Questions - Students

When should I start with the recruiting process? (Student)

Since the process takes some time, it’s never too soon to start. The earlier you begin the sooner you will be in contact with coaches and learn about the American university system. Coaches can begin contacting you themselves, only after the completion of your sophomore year in secondary school. But you can contact them at almost any time. To learn more about when coaches can contact you, go to Contact Periods (hyperlink).

Why should I include images & videos on my RekrutMe profile? (Student)

Coaches want to see you play your sport, especially, if you do a team sport. It is the easiest and quickest way for coaches to evaluate your skill level and playing abilities. Showcasing your talents with highlight video’s is an extremely important part of getting you noticed by university coaches.

Why should I open a Rekrut profile rather than Free? (Student)

The Rekrut profile gives you every tool you need to easily work through the recruiting process, match and communicate with university coaches, learn all you need to know about the American university system & find the best suited university for you.

How do I know I have a match? (Student)

Whenever you have matched with a coach, you will be notified by email, as well as, the coach showing up in your Connections section.

How is RekrutMe different from recruiting agents or other recruiting companies? (Student)

We simplified the entire recruiting process, matching you directly with university coaches based on their exact academic & sports criteria. We also gathered all the information you need and created the Step By Step plan, to help guide you along from ‘Telling your parents’ to ‘Applying for a Student Viza’.

What should I write in the first email to a college coach? (Student)

Your first email is meant to introduce yourself as a person, a student and an athlete. It should be short and to the point. Make sure to link coaches through to your RekrutMe account, if they wish to see more detailed information about yourself, such as your game videos. Use the Email Templates (hyperlink) to start you off.

How can I increase my chances to be recruited by the coaches who’ve visited my profile?

Show initiative and send them a message. Research the school and let the coach know you are interested in what their university program has to offer. To help you put together an introductory email, use the Email Templates (hyperlink).

What should I do if a coach hasn’t responded to my email?

First, go check Contact Periods in the resources page to see if it’s not a quiet period during which coaches are not allowed to contact any student-athlete prospects. If not, make sure your profile is up-to-date with academic and sports info along with new game video highlighting your skills. Then go on and feel free to send a short, polite reminder email to the coach, and let him/her know you’d love to hear back from them.

Can I contact other athletes through the message board?

Yes, you can contact both coaches and athletes through the Message board, once you upgraded to a Rekrut

How long until my paid Rekrut profile expires?

Your paid Rekrut profile lasts 12 months from the day you paid the membership fee. After that your RekrutMe profile will turn into the Free profile.